Life in the Spirit



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Understanding the role and work of the Spirit will help us be more open and responsive to Spirit’s work of …

·         drawing us to God;

·         teaching us the ways of God that Jesus taught,

·         transforming our hearts and minds into the likeness of Christ, 

·         nurturing within us an unfettered freedom in our relationship with God, 

·         teaching us to live out of a spirit of joy and peace and thanksgiving, 

·         guiding us in living the ways of God, 

·         empowering us to do what cannot do in own strength, 

·         gifting us with abilities to use in ministry to others,

·         leading us to love as Jesus loved.


This book explores the many references to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament in an effort to describe the work of the Holy Spirit in our individual lives and in the life of the church. Understanding the Spirit’s work positions us to be aware of, open to, and responsive to that work so that we can experience its transforming results.




Book Review:

I read “Life in the Spirit” in one sitting today. I have a ton of flags sticking out of various pages and know I’ll be processing more in the days to come! You do an amazing job of clearly outlining the role, function, and benefits of a life lived with the Holy Spirit in a way that is accessible. So many people. and churches have relegated this third person of the Trinity to a minor role in their lives. With this book, we can clearly see that our only hope of growing towards lives that look like Jesus is with the help of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend this for those who might not be as familiar with God the Holy Spirit as they are with God the Father and God the Son! Buy a copy for a friend and you’ll greatly bless them as well!
Kim Stpehenson Gilson