Fruit of the Spirit

The Fruit of the Spirit


Jesus and the apostle Paul both identified love as the distinguishing mark of the follower of Jesus. In his description of the fruit of the Spirit, Paul described how it is possible to love the way Jesus loved. But how do we love in this profound way?

The Fruit of the Spirit explores the nine interrelated traits of the fruit of the Spirit as the path that leads to loving the way that Jesus loved. The nine traits Paul identified—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control—are interrelated and interdependent. Love is the number-one trait and the goal of the Spirit’s work. Joy and peace are the inner disposition out of which love flows. The next five traits describe what love looks like in relationships. The final trait, self-control, is the key that make the others possible.

By learning about the interrelation between these traits and the barriers to them that are inherent in our human nature, you, too, can understand how the Spirit moves between these barriers—what Paul called “the flesh”—and empowers us to love as Jesus loved.

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New book demonstrates how ‘The Fruit of the Spirit’ can be used to live and love as Jesus did
Steve Langford investigates the importance of the nine traits Paul wrote about in the New Testament

KENNEDALE, Texas – Steve Langford’s guidebook, “The Fruit of the Spirit: The Path That Leads to Loving as Jesus Loved” (published by WestBow Press
<> ), explains the nature of the fruits of the Spirit, showing believers how to love as Jesus loved and rely on the Spirit to overcome barriers of the flesh.
Langford shares how Jesus characterized “self-giving, servant love” as the identifying mark of his followers. Paul’s teaching about the fruit of the Spirit outlines the path that make such love possible, according to the author. “The Fruit of the Spirit” explores the interrelated nature of those nine traits Paul discusses in in Galatians 5:22-23 and how they work together to enable the follower of Jesus to love as Jesus loved.
“This book is more than a devotional reading or meditation on the fruit of the Spirit. It offers psychological and spiritual insight into the common struggle to love as Jesus loved,” Langford says, adding that he hopes his book gives readers “the ability to live out of Spirit-guided self-management that enables them to live out of joy and peace rather than anxiety and anger.”
“The Fruit of the Spirit”
By Steve Langford